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Average Income Test:

  • One person household: $54,787
  • Two person household: $73,162
  • Three person household: $79,061
  • Four person household: $91,349

Do I Qualify for Affordable Attorney Advice Services?

If your income exceeds the amounts listed to the right, you will need to take and pass the "Means Test" in order to qualify for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can take the means test at Some individuals that have very high earnings must file for a Chapter 13. We cannot perform a means test for you if you do not automatically qualify based on your annual income. We will provide you with our standard report but will explain that you need to take and pass the means test in order to qualify for filing a Chapter 7. To determine whether or not you automatically qualify for a Chapter 7, or if you will need to take the means test, compute your household's average gross monthly income (from all sources) for the past six calendar months. Multiply that figure by two. Generally, a household consists of one or more persons who share income and expenses and live under the same roof. You have to take the means test if your gross income exceeds the figures in following list: