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What Is Affordable Attorney Advice?

Affordable Attorney Advice provides legal information and advice about Chapter 7 bankruptcy to people who are using the services offered by California Bankruptcy Petition Preparers (BPPs). Our proven system has helped thousands of people successfully file their own bankruptcies, providing them with a cost effective alternative to the high price of full legal representation.
Once you have decided to file, your first step is to find a BPP in your area. Your BPP will help you to prepare your official bankruptcy petition for filing in court. They cannot however, give you any legal advice at all, or tell you where to list your property or debts on the forms. That’s where we come in. Once you have completed and mailed the required contract, worksheet and payment of $150, you will receive a telephone consultation with an expert bankruptcy attorney. You will then be provided with the information and advice that you need, to successfully represent yourself with your bankruptcy.